History, repeats itself!

Throughout all of history, we salute and honor those that paved the way for history itself to be recognized. Although the generation of today, not only fail to remember our monarchs but as well fail to achieve that which they have in lined for them to do so. No, following in their footsteps isn’t the command as given, however we must strive to move forward as the forefathers have done so. It was the visions that they saw, it was the dreams that they felt, it was the  prayers that carried them into that place of accomplishing something that would soon one day help a dearie world. So then, we must hear to and see fit that we carry out the dreams of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and the visions of Bishop C. H. Mason whom founded a church that enlarged through time, and that of Dr. Maya Angelou whom sought after those prolific writings and vibrant march on Washington. It is us, that will take upon that responsibility to move towards perfection and excellency within those dreams, visions, and accomplishments! #WEGOTNEXT