Respect, wins them all

There is something about respect that most people can not attach themselves to or attain of showing neither having. It’s a universal language that we less hear, see and use. It was the music great Aretha Franklin once aligned the song “R.E.S.P.E.C.T.” that flared the world, but few know the true meaning of… “Respect”. It keeps you lined with and in God’s word, personal decisions, personality issues, and different eventful things that may challenge our daily living. Respect, hmm, something we just can not approach somehow. However, it will save a lifetime of explaining why you NEED to practice that very intent to DO! If verbs are what we do, then why do we use the sense of respect as a “noun” pertaining to just those that we want to use it as and others against. Each time the grace of God covers us as if we really deserves what he pours upon us, we think of it as “oh that was bound to happen for me” but we fail to realize “he has no RESPECT OF PERSONS”! So, why do we? Why do we use respect only when it comes different areas of life or various people we may feel are trustful enough to hold our hearts, but we give less respect to those not often seen. Never wait until the moment you are shown it to earn or give it. Respect means GROWTH, respect means FAITH, respect means UNDERSTANDING, respect means MATURITY, respect… MEANS YOU!!


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